Responses of mental hospital inpatients on the Draw-A-Person Questionnaire.

  title={Responses of mental hospital inpatients on the Draw-A-Person Questionnaire.},
  author={S A Karp and L Pattee},
  journal={Perceptual and motor skills},
  volume={86 3 Pt 2},
This study evaluated accuracy of the Draw-A-Person Questionnaire in distinguishing a diagnostically varied group of mental hospital patients from controls. Subjects were 166 mental health inpatients at a public hospital, paid +3 for participation, and 166 controls selected from a group of 1382 adult volunteers to match the patients on age, race, and sex. All subjects were given the Draw-A-Person questionnaires following drawings of a male and female. Questionnaires were scored for Denial… CONTINUE READING

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