Responses of four Sphagnum species to acute ozone fumigation

  title={Responses of four Sphagnum species to acute ozone fumigation},
  author={L. Potter and J. P. Foot and Simon J. M. Caporn and John Anthony Lee},
Abstract Although ozone is generally accepted to be an important phytotoxic air pollutant little is known of its effects on natural and semi-natural vegetation. In this study four species of Sphagnum, common to upland areas, (S. capillijolium (Ehrh.) Hedw., S. cuspidatum Hoffm., S. papillosum Lindb. and S. recurvum P. Beauv.) were exposed to acute ozone episodes, ie. 150 ppb (nl 1-1), for 6 hours at low temperature (5°C), in controlled chambers. The fumigation protocol caused a significant… CONTINUE READING