Responses of Some Common Cruciferae to Root-knot Nematodes.

  title={Responses of Some Common Cruciferae to Root-knot Nematodes.},
  author={Robert McSorley and J J Frederick},
  journal={Journal of nematology},
  volume={27 4S},
Ten cultivated plants of the family Cruciferae were evaluated for susceptibility to Meloidogyne arenaria race 1, M. incognita races 1 and 3, and M. javanica in a series of four separate greenhouse tests. After 62-64 days, or 1,032-1,072 degree days (10 C base), several of the crops evaluated showed moderate to severe levels of galling (> 3.0 on 0-5 scale) and moderate numbers of egg masses (>2.0 on 0-5 scale) in response to each of the nematode species and races. Among the plants tested… CONTINUE READING