Response to organic fertilization in mango cultivars: Manila, Tommy Atkins and Ataulfo

  title={Response to organic fertilization in mango cultivars: Manila, Tommy Atkins and Ataulfo},
  author={Nain Peralta-Antonio and A Rebolledo-Martinez and Alberto Enrique Becerril-Rom{\'a}n and David Jaen-Contreras and Ana Lid del {\'A}ngel-P{\'e}rez},
The objective was evaluating the response to mineral (230-0-300 and 230-0-0 g NPK tree-1) and organic: vermicompost, bokashi and chicken manure (5 and 10 t ha-1) fertilizers in soil nutrimental content (pH, MO, macro and micronutriments), trunk diameter, flowering, and yield of three mango cultivars: ‘Manila’, ‘Tommy Atkins’, and ‘Ataulfo’. For soil variables were design completely random and other variables a split-plot in completely random. Differences between contents of N, K, Ca, Cu and Zn… CONTINUE READING


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