Response to intermittent RU486 in women.

  title={Response to intermittent RU486 in women.},
  author={Irving M. Spitz and Horatio B Croxatto and Ana Mar{\'i}a Salvatierra and Oskari Heikinheimo},
  journal={Fertility and sterility},
  volume={59 5},
OBJECTIVE To determine the effects of intermittent administration of the antiprogestin RU486 on ovarian function. DESIGN Three different regimens of RU486 were tested. PARTICIPANTS Nine healthy regularly menstruating volunteers protected by an intrauterine device or surgical sterilization. INTERVENTIONS Two groups of three women each received 10 mg or 50 mg RU486 at weekly intervals for 5 weeks. Another three women received 50 mg RU486 for 3 consecutive days at 10-day intervals for 80… CONTINUE READING

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