Response to Rosenberg et al.

  title={Response to Rosenberg et al.},
  author={Catherine W Rehder and Karen Laurie David and Betsy Hirsch and Helga V. Toriello and Carolyn M. Wilson and Hutton M. Kearney},
  journal={Genetics in Medicine},
of the autosomal genome in ROH exceeding a specified size— using a fixed threshold of 2–5 Mb, the computation can be performed using, as the threshold, the boundary size separating class C ROH from shorter ROH in classes A and B. This boundary size varies across populations, typically in a range from 0.9 to 2.2 Mb.3 Therefore, we suggest that use of a population-specific threshold obtained from a systematic calculation will be more informative for inference of parental relatedness than the use… CONTINUE READING