Response to Re: Contact lens management of keratoconus.


EDITOR: We thank Dr Jinabhai for his letter, which describes some of the challenges associated with correcting high-order aberrations in keratoconus. In our recent Invited Review, we provide a comprehensive review of contemporary contact lens modalities for the optical correction of keratoconus in clinical practice. As outlined in the text, our manuscript intends to provide a clinically practicable overview of the relevant contact lens options that are currently vailable to clinicians, including soft, hybrid, rigid, piggyback, corneo-scleral, mini-

DOI: 10.1111/cxo.12348

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@article{Downie2016ResponseTR, title={Response to Re: Contact lens management of keratoconus.}, author={Laura Elizabeth Downie and Richard G Lindsay}, journal={Clinical & experimental optometry}, year={2016}, volume={99 1}, pages={95} }