Response of upland cotton (G.hirsutum L.) genotypes to drought stress using drought tolerance indices

  title={Response of upland cotton (G.hirsutum L.) genotypes to drought stress using drought tolerance indices},
  author={Chandrakant Singh and Vijay Kumar and Indivar Prasad and Vishal Ramchandra Patil and Bharani Rajkumar},
  journal={Journal of Crop Science and Biotechnology},
Drought tolerance as such is often not considered to be an independent trait by plant breeders. The objective of this study was to evaluate eight drought tolerance indices, namely stress susceptibility index (SSI), yield stability index (YSI), yield reduction ratio (Yr), yield index (YI), tolerance index (TOL), mean productivity (MP), geometric mean productivity (GMP), and stress tolerance index (STI) in upland cotton (G. hirsutum L.) genotypes. For this purpose, 16 genotypes were sampled… CONTINUE READING


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