Response of testicular macrophages to EDS-induced Leydig cell death.

  title={Response of testicular macrophages to EDS-induced Leydig cell death.},
  author={Francisco X Gayt{\'a}n and Jorge L. Romero and Concepci{\'o}n Morales and Carlos Reymundo and Carmen Bellido and Elisabeth Aguilar},
  volume={27 5},
The response of testicular macrophages to massive Leydig cell death was studied by the administration of the specific Leydig cell cytotoxic ethylene dimethane sulphonate (EDS) to sham-operated (SO), short-term (STHX), and long-term (LTHX) hypophysectomized rats. EDS-killed Leydig cells showed the morphological features of the programmed cell death or apoptosis. A 2-fold increase in the number of macrophages was found on days 1-2 after treatment in both SO and STHX rats, and dead Leydig cells… CONTINUE READING