Response of macrozoobenthos of lagoon Lake Izmenchivoye (Sakhalin Island) to the discontinuance of water exchange with the sea

  title={Response of macrozoobenthos of lagoon Lake Izmenchivoye (Sakhalin Island) to the discontinuance of water exchange with the sea},
  author={Vjacheslav S. Labay},
  journal={Russian Journal of Marine Biology},
  • V. Labay
  • Published 4 September 2009
  • Biology
  • Russian Journal of Marine Biology
Hydrobiological surveys in lagoonal Izmenchivoye Lake (Sakhalin Island) were carried out in 2004, 2005, and 2007 in order to examine the main changes in the composition and structure of macrozoobenthos after the cessation of its communication with the sea. Changes in the hydrological regime of the lake led to a significant reduction in the species list, a decline in the diversity of benthic communities, as well as a twofold increase in the population density of constituent species. The… Expand

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