Response of glutamine metabolism to exogenous glutamine in humans.

  title={Response of glutamine metabolism to exogenous glutamine in humans.},
  author={R{\'e}gis G Hankard and Dominique H Darmaun and Brenda K Sager and Dario D'Amore and William F. J. Parsons and Morey W Haymond},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={269 4 Pt 1},
To determine whether exogenous glutamine affects whole body glutamine metabolism, preliminary experiments were performed to verify that L-[1-13C]-, L-[U-14C]-, and L-[3,4-3H]glutamine given simultaneously by vein provided similar estimates of glutamine appearance rates [Ra; 355 +/- 24, 373 +/- 19, and 393 +/- 24 (SE), respectively, P = NS] in six healthy men; glutamine oxidation accounted for 32 +/- 3 and 51 +/- 5% (P < 0.01) of glutamine Ra when it was measured using L-[U-14C… CONTINUE READING

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