Response of Static and Cyclic Laterally Loaded Rigid Piles in Sand

  title={Response of Static and Cyclic Laterally Loaded Rigid Piles in Sand},
  author={Hongyu Qin and Wei Dong Guo},
  journal={Marine Georesources \& Geotechnology},
  pages={138 - 153}
  • H. Qin, W. Guo
  • Published 2016
  • Materials Science
  • Marine Georesources & Geotechnology
An experimental investigation was made into the response of piles in sand subjected to lateral cyclic loading. Seven instrumented model piles tests were conducted. Five tests were conducted under typical magnitude and number of cyclic loading, and two were under static loading. The results were used to deduce modulus of subgrade reaction k and the profile of limiting lateral resistance force per unit length (LFP, pu profile) in light of closed-form solutions. The study demonstrates a large… Expand
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