Response of Six Begonia Species to Fertilizer Concentration and Substrate pH

  title={Response of Six Begonia Species to Fertilizer Concentration and Substrate pH},
  author={Ka Yeon Jeong and Claudio Pasian and Margaret J. McMahon and David B. H. Tay},
  journal={The Open Horticulture Journal},
Begonia albopicta, B. cucullata var. cucullata, B. echinosepala var. elongatifolia, B. holtonis, B. foliosa var. miniata and B. 'Fuchsifoliosa' are conserved at the Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center (OPGC), in Columbus Ohio as a source of germplasm for breeders and researchers. No cultural information for these species is available. Our objective was to evaluate the response of the above mentioned species to different fertilizer concentrations and substrate pH levels. Rooted cuttings were… 

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