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Response of Adansonia digitata to Compost and Zeolite in Replacement of Chemical Fertilization

  title={Response of Adansonia digitata to Compost and Zeolite in Replacement of Chemical Fertilization},
  author={Amira Sh and Abdelwahab M. Mahmoud},
  • Amira Sh, Abdelwahab M. Mahmoud
  • Published 2013
  • Chemistry
  • The unique cation exchange, adsorption, hydration-dehydration and catalytic properties of natural zeolite (as granules) loaded with micronutrients, have promoted their use in clean agriculture as soil amendments and slow-release fertilizers. This study was conducted in open field for two successive seasons 2011 and 2012 to investigate the effect of natural zeolite, organic fertilizer (compost) and combination of them on growth and chemical constituents of Adansonia digitata L. seedlings. The… CONTINUE READING

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