Response inhibition and impulsivity: an fMRI study.

  title={Response inhibition and impulsivity: an fMRI study.},
  author={Neil Horn and Mike F. Dolan and Rebecca Elliott and John Francis William Deakin and Peter W. R. Woodruff},
  volume={41 14},
Aggressive, suicidal and violent behaviour have been associated with impulsive personality and difficulty in inhibiting responses. We used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of the whole brain to examine the neural correlates of response inhibition in 19 normal subjects as they performed a Go/NoGo task. Subjects completed Eysenck's Impulsivity Scale, Barratt's Impulsivity Scale (BIS) and behavioural impulsivity tasks. Associations between blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) response… CONTINUE READING
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