Responding to cholera in post-earthquake Haiti.

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Cholera had not been seen in Haiti in at least 100 years, but 9 months after the January 2009 earthquake, it somewhat unexpectedly emerged in a densely populated zone with little sanitary infrastructure and limited access to potable water. 
Meeting Cholera's Challenge to Haiti and the World: A Joint Statement on Cholera Prevention and Care
Systemic problems that brought cholera to epidemic levels in Haiti will (unless addressed) continue to facilitate its spread, and rural regions vulnerable to the rapid spread of waterborne disease have been most severe in rural areas and large urban slums.
Cholera: An Infectious Waterborne Disease
Having completed your GP training you decide to deploy and you take a post working in a large camp for people displaced following an earthquake, and one day a young girl is brought to you by her mother who is dehydrated having produced a large quantity of watery diarrhoea.
Understanding the Cholera Epidemic, Haiti
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Nepal did experience an outbreak of cholera during August–October 2010, in which 72 cases of infection with Vibrio cholerae O1, serotype Ogawa, were confirmed, mostly among young adult males, and no deaths occurred.
Did the cholera epidemic in Haiti really start in the Artibonite Department?
A research investigation into an unusual increase in the number of severe watery diarrhoea cases with dehydration and three deaths at the community reference hospital of Mirebalais, located in Haiti's Centre Department found that clinical manifestations began 12 to 24 hours before clinical admission of patients to the hospital.
Mortality Rates during Cholera Epidemic, Haiti, 2010–2011
Actual rates were higher than rates calculated from healthcare facility reports, because the number of patients using the facility and the severity of the injuries was different.
Humanitarian aid policy changes following the 2010 cholera outbreak in Haiti
The current cholera outbreak in Haiti arose as a result of inadequate humanitarian aid management by the United Nations following the 2010 earthquake in the country. Nepalese peacekeepers spread the
The Haitian cholera epidemic: is searching for its origin only a matter of scientific curiosity?
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The fight against cholera must be optimized by efficient epidemiological surveillance, reporting where and how many cases occur each day as precisely as possible since the first days of the outbreak, for at least four reasons.
Tropical disease after earthquake: 2015 Nepal earthquake
Cholera Outbreaks
The unique history of co-existence of Classical and El Tor biotypes of V. cholerae O1 as epidemic and endemic strain provides great opportunity to improve the understanding of the disease itself and answer some important questions.
Understanding the Cholera Epidemic, Haiti
Findings strongly suggest that contamination of the Artibonite and 1 of its tributaries downstream from a military camp triggered the epidemic.


The origin of the Haitian cholera outbreak strain.
The Haitian epidemic is probably the result of the introduction, through human activity, of a V. cholerae strain from a distant geographic source, and analysis of genomic variation of the Haitian isolates reveals a more distant relationship with circulating South American isolates.
The Water Poverty Index: development and application at the community scale
The article details the development and uses of the water poverty index (WPI). The index was developed as a holistic tool to measure water stress at the household and community levels, designed to
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