Responding to children and adolescents who have been sexually abused: WHO recommendations

  title={Responding to children and adolescents who have been sexually abused: WHO recommendations},
  author={Avni Amin and Harriet L MacMillan and Claud{\'i}a Garcia-Moreno},
  journal={Paediatrics and International Child Health},
  pages={85 - 86}
Millions of children and adolescents globally are subjected to sexual abuse with devastating impacts on their health and well-being that often last into their adulthood. Existing data show that sexual violence against children is not an isolated problem affecting a small group of people. It is a pervasive human rights violation and a global public health problem which affects a huge number of girls and boys around the world. Yet, sexual abuse often remains hidden in a culture of silence… 
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Untold Stories: Male Child Sexual Abusers’ Accounts of Telling and Not Telling about Sexual Abuse Experienced in Childhood
The aim here is to contribute to the scant knowledge base on the sexual abuse of males and disclosure by focusing on males whose voices are even more rarely heard than those in the general male population: those who have perpetrated CSA.
Parents’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Experiences in Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in El Salvador
Most parents were knowledgeable about CSA, viewed CSA prevention as their responsibility, and had talked with their children about C SA, although 65.7% incorrectly believed that children are more likely to be abused by strangers.
Physical evidence of rape against children and adolescents in Brazil: Analysis of 13,870 reports of sexual assault in 2017
The main goal of this study is to show the results of physical and sexual examinations regarding confirmation of rape in children and adolescents, based on the medicolegal reports, that were quite limited in recording evidence.
Gendered Perceptions of Sexual Abuse: Investigating the Effect of Offender, Victim and Observer Gender on the Perceived Seriousness of Child Sexual Abuse
Examination of the effect of offender, victim and observer gender on the perceived seriousness of an act of child sex abuse found that abuse was considered more serious when the offender was male, or the observer was female.
Risk factors for PTSD diagnosis in young victims of recent sexual assault
Young victims of recent sexual assault with high levels of post-traumatic stress symptoms at two weeks post-assault are at risk for PTSD indication at four weeksPost-assault, although they received immediate psychological care.
Ethical and definitional considerations in research on child sexual violence in India
This systematic review systematically reviewed the ethics and safety practices reported in recent Indian CSV literature to help inform ethical and safety recommendations for the design, conduct, and reporting of future CSV research in India and similar settings.
Teachers as human rights defenders: strengthening HRE and safeguarding theory to prevent child sexual abuse
Sexual abuse is a public health issue with long-term consequences for children’s lives and education. The Convention on the Rights of the Child is a key reference point in safeguarding, increasingly
Would you offer contraception to a 14-year-old girl? Perspectives of health students and professionals in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
The decision of providers with regards to offering contraception is highly dependent on having a baseline knowledge of the rights and contraceptive services available to adolescents, and the need for comprehensive sexual health education in Tanzanian health professional training programs is supported.
Risiko Gangguan Seksual di dalam Rumah kepada Remaja
Sexual harassment is a sexually oriented act committed against another person either verbally, non-verbally, physically, or emotionally. Sexual harassment can occur to female teenagers whether they


Prevalence of Sexual Violence Against Children and Use of Social Services — Seven Countries, 2007–2013
The lifetime prevalence of experiencing any form of sexual violence in childhood ranged from 4.4% among females in Cambodia to 37.6% among Females in Swaziland, with prevalence in most countries greater than 25.0%, and the proportion of victims that received services, including health and child protective services, was ≤10.0%.
Long-term consequences of childhood sexual abuse by gender of victim.
Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and subsequent risk of HIV infection.
The disturbing prevalence of early sexual abuse and its possible health-related consequences call for prompt and routine investigation of sexual abuse histories.
Child sexual abuse in sub-Saharan Africa: a literature review.
  • K. Lalor
  • Psychology
    Child abuse & neglect
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Reported Physical and Sexual Abuse in Childhood and Adult HIV Risk Behaviour in Three African Countries: Findings from Project Accept (HPTN-043)
The results indicate that reported childhood sexual and physical abuse is high in all three settings, also among men, and shows strong relationships with a range of sexual risk behaviors, including age at first sex.
School, police, and medical authority involvement with children who have experienced victimization.
More incidents of victimization and abuse appear to be known to authorities currently than was the case in a comparable 1992 survey, but officials should improve at identifying a large quantity of victimizations of children and adolescents that appear to go undetected.
Parent-Involved Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse: A Qualitative Exploration of Parents’ Perceptions and Practices in Beijing
Parents are vital to the successful prevention of child sexual abuse (CSA). A better understanding of parents’ perceptions and practice of CSA is essential for developing and implementing effective
Cultural Barriers to the Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse in Asian Communities: Listening to What Women Say
Summary There is apparent under-reporting of child sexual abuse in Britain’s Asian communities and a varied capacity amongst professionals to respond with cultural competence. Professional approaches
P1-S2.28 Sexually transmitted infections in sexually abused children and adolescents in Ibadan, Nigeria
Screening for infection should be mandatory in presumed sexually abused girls with vaginal discharge and ideally should be undertaken in all children presenting at STI clinics for evaluation of sexual abuse.
Child sexual abuse in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.