Resplendence of al-Andalus

  title={Resplendence of al-Andalus},
  author={Francine Giese and Ariane Varela Braga and Helena Lahoz Kopiske and Katrin Kaufmann and Laura Castro Royo and Sarah Keller},
  journal={Asiatische Studien - {\'E}tudes Asiatiques},
  pages={1307 - 1353}
Abstract This contribution presents preliminary results of the research project Mudejarismo and Moorish Revival in Europe (2014–2018), funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and based at the University of Zurich. By focusing on the appropriation of Hispano-Islamic architecture and ornaments in Christian and Jewish contexts, the seven sub-chapters examine the underlying exchange and transfer processes in the Middle Ages and the Modern period, in relation to the complex and multi-faceted… 



Wissen über Grenzen. Arabisches Wissen und lateinisches Mittelalter

Present-day medievalists regard it as an undisputed fact that Arabic culture - especially science - influenced the Latin Middle Ages in a multitude of ways. However, more detailed research is needed

A Proposal by the architect Carl von Diebitsch (1819-1869): Mudejar Architecture for a Global Civilization

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This work studies the only decorative wooden ceiling with coloured glass that survived in situ in Hispano- Muslim Art, in the Palace of the Riyāḍ al-Sa'īd of the Alhambra, hence its enormous

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Castilla y Al-Andalus: arquitecturas aljamiadas y otros grados de asimilación

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Las estructuras abovedadas en la historia de la arquitectura hispánica tardoantigua y altomedieval

Las estructuras abovedadas en la historia de la arquitectura hispanica tardoantigua y altomedieval

El Alhambresco: constitución de un modelo estético y su expresión en la tradición ornamental moderna

dimension estetica del alhambresco o "moorish style" en el Reino Unido a traves de los estudios de Owen Jones de su Plans Elevations, Sections and Details of the Alhambra (1842-45) y de su Grammar of

Sein und Schein in der spanisch-islamischen Architektur. Die Arkaturen der Capilla de Villaviciosa und des Patio de los Leones

Die Arkaturen der Capilla de Villaviciosa und des Patio de los Leones zahlen zu den Hauptwerken spanisch-islamischer Architektur. Ihr konstruktiver Aufbau weist uberraschende Parallelen auf und