Respiratory strategy is a major determinant of [ 3 H ] water and [ 14 C ] chlorpyrifos uptake in aquatic insects

  title={Respiratory strategy is a major determinant of [ 3 H ] water and [ 14 C ] chlorpyrifos uptake in aquatic insects},
  author={David B Buchwalter and Jeffrey J. Jenkins and Lawrence R. Curtis},
Despite the extensive use of aquatic insects to evaluate freshwater ecosystem health, little is known about the underlying factors that result in sensitivity differences between taxa. Organismal characteristics (respiratory strategy and body size) were used to explore the rates of [H]H2O and [ 14C]chlorpyrifos accumulation in aquatic insects. Ten aquatic insect taxa, including ephemeropteran, trichopteran, dipteran, hemipteran, and coleopteran species, were exposed to [14C]chlorpyrifos (240 ng… CONTINUE READING


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