Respiratory irritative effects of trimethylbenzenes: an experimental animal study.

  title={Respiratory irritative effects of trimethylbenzenes: an experimental animal study.},
  author={Z. Korsak and Konrad Rydzyński and Jolanta Jajte},
  journal={International journal of occupational medicine and environmental health},
  volume={10 3},
Sensory respiratory irritation effects of trimethylbenzene isomers (TMBs) (hemimellitene, mesitylene and pseudocumene) in male Balb/C mice were investigated in conditions of acute exposure and in male Wistar rats in conditions of repeated 90-day inhalation exposure to pseudocumene. The pseudocumene, mesitylene and hemimellitene concentrations depressing the respiratory rate to 50% (RD50) were 578, 519, 541 ppm, respectively. Inhalation exposure to pseudocumene for 90 days increased the total… CONTINUE READING
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