Respiratory hazards in hard metal workers: a cross sectional study.

  title={Respiratory hazards in hard metal workers: a cross sectional study.},
  author={C Meyer-Bisch and Quy Trong Pham and Jean M Mur and Nicole Massin and Jean Jacques Moulin and Dan B Teculescu and Bert Carton and Francis Pierre and François Baruthio},
  journal={British journal of industrial medicine},
  volume={46 5},
A cross sectional study was conducted on 513 employees at three hard metal plants: 425 exposed workers (351 men, 74 women) and 88 controls (69 men, 19 women). Cough and sputum were more frequent in workers engaged in "soft powder" and presintering workshops compared with controls (12.5% and 16.5% v 3.5%). Spirometric abnormalities were more frequent among women in sintering and finishing workshops compared with control women (56.8% v 23.8%) and abnormalities of carbon monoxide test were more… CONTINUE READING

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