Respiratory findings in synthetic textile workers.

  title={Respiratory findings in synthetic textile workers.},
  author={Eugenija Žu{\vs}kin and Jadranka Mustajbegovi{\'c} and Enzo Schachter and Josipa Kern and Antun Budak and Jasminka Godni{\'c}-Cvar},
  journal={American journal of industrial medicine},
  volume={33 3},
We studied 308 female and 92 male textile workers employed in a factory that produced synthetic fiber hosiery. The mean age of the women was 38 years, their mean duration of employment 16 years. The mean age of the men was 39 years with a mean duration of employment of 16 years. A control group of 160 female and 78 male nonexposed workers was also studied. Chronic and acute work related symptoms were recorded for all workers. Ventilatory capacity was measured by recording maximum expiratory… CONTINUE READING


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