Respiratory distress in newborn.

  title={Respiratory distress in newborn.},
  author={Ashok Kumar and Ballambattu Vishnu Bhat},
  journal={Indian journal of maternal and child health : official publication of Indian Maternal and Child Health Association},
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The incidence of neonatal respiratory distress (RD) ranges from 2.2% to 7.6% in developed countries and from 0.7% to 8.3% in India. A study conducted in Pondicherry, India, found the incidence of neonatal RD to be 6.7%. The leading cause of neonatal RD is transient tachypnea (50-60% of RD cases) followed by infections (pneumonia, sepsis, or meningitis), meconium aspiration, and hyaline membrane disease (HMD). Significant predictors of neonatal RD include prematurity, malpresentation, abnormal… CONTINUE READING