Respiratory and electrocortical responses to acoustic stimulation.

  title={Respiratory and electrocortical responses to acoustic stimulation.},
  author={David W. Carley and Robert Applebaum and Robert C. Basner and Elif Onal and Mel Lopata},
  volume={19 10 Suppl},
Although sleep-related obstructive apnea is most often associated with transient arousal, the impact of this arousal on respiratory control remains unclear. We employed binaural tone bursts (.5 second duration) to elicit repetitive transient arousals from sleep during polygraphic recordings in 5 adult volunteers. By this method, we elicited repetitive transient arousals with a mean duration of approximately 10 seconds from all stages of sleep. With respect to the 3 pre-stimulus breaths… CONTINUE READING

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