Respiratory acclimation in Arabidopsis thaliana leaves at low temperature.

  title={Respiratory acclimation in Arabidopsis thaliana leaves at low temperature.},
  author={Peeter Talts and Tiit P{\"a}rnik and Per Gardestr{\"o}m and Olav Keerberg},
  journal={Journal of plant physiology},
  volume={161 5},
Acclimation of 25 degrees C-grown Arabidopsis thaliana at 5 degrees C resulted in a marked increase of leaf respiration in darkness (Rd) measured at 5 degrees C. Rd was particularly high in leaves developed at 5 degrees C. Leaf respiration (non-photorespiratory intracellular decarboxylation) in the light (Rl) also increased during cold acclimation, but less so than did Rd. The ratio Rd/Pt (Pt - true photosynthesis) was higher in more acclimated or cold-developed leaves, while the ratio Rl/Pt… CONTINUE READING

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