Respiraçäo artificial com oxigenador de membrana extracorpóreo em posiçäo artério-venosa sem bomba: estudo experimental

  title={Respiraç{\"a}o artificial com oxigenador de membrana extracorp{\'o}reo em posiç{\"a}o art{\'e}rio-venosa sem bomba: estudo experimental},
  author={Walter J. Gomes and Osvaldo Shigueomi Beppu and Jos{\'e} Hon{\'o}rio Palma and Jo{\~a}o Alessio Juliano Perfeito and Jos{\'e} Francisco Biscegli and Enio Buffolo},
PURPOSE--To test the hypothesis of respiratory support and to study the consequent hemodynamic alterations, we performed pumpless A-V ECMO using a 1.2m2 polipropylene hollow fiber membrane oxygenator, specially adapted from conventional model utilized in routine cardiac surgery. METHODS--Two canine groups of six dogs each were studied. Group 1 had normal lungs and group 2 acute respiratory failure induced by 0.035ml/kg intravenous oleic acid. The dogs were anesthetized and maintained in apnea… CONTINUE READING