Resources for coping with economic distress: The situation of unemployed Southeast Asian refugees

  title={Resources for coping with economic distress: The situation of unemployed Southeast Asian refugees},
  author={P. Johnson},
This paper focuses on identifying resources and demographic variables that might influence the amount of economic distress experienced by unemployed Southeast Asian refugees. Voydanoff conceptualized economic distress as containing objective (employment instability and economic deprivation) and subjective (employment uncertainty and economic strain) dimensions. As measured in this study, unemployed refugees are not experiencing extensive economic distress except in the area of employment… Expand
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The effect of social support in moderating the health consequences of unemployment.
  • S. Gore
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of health and social behavior
  • 1978
It is argued that these study findings demonstrate the exacerbation of life stress by a low sense of social support, and health differences between supported and unsupported populations under stress are commonly interpreted as evidence that support buffers the effects ofLife stress. Expand
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