Resources: Stop squandering helium

  title={Resources: Stop squandering helium},
  author={W. Nuttall and R. H. Clarke and B. Glowacki},
Establish a global agency to build a sustainable market for this precious commodity, say William J. Nuttall, Richard H. Clarke and Bartek A. Glowacki. 
The impact of helium shortages on basic research
Helium is non-renewable. It is used in many areas of scientific research but demand is fast outstripping supply. We must adapt, and quickly.
Phasing out the U.S. Federal Helium Reserve: Policy insights from a world helium model
This paper develops a detailed partial equilibrium model of the global helium market to study the effects of the recently decided rapid phase out of the U.S. Federal Helium Reserve (FHR), a vastExpand
Assessing the Past and Future Sustainability of Global Helium Resources, Extraction, Supply and Use, Using the Integrated Assessment Model WORLD7
The sustainability of the helium production, supply and use was assessed using the WORLD7 integrated model. The use of helium is at present concluded to be unsustainable with respect to long-termExpand
This ordinance, consisting of Section 101 through Section 3807, both inclusive (except there from all notes and references) is hereby adopted and enacted as the "City of Gardiner Code," and shall beExpand
Beyond the Helium Conundrum
Helium plays a central role in superconductivity. Despite breakthroughs in high-temperature superconducting materials, helium remains the coolant of choice. Against this there is concern about heliumExpand
Could the extensive use of rare elements in renewable energy technologies become a cause for concern
The energy transformation process beginning to take place in many countries as a response to climate change will reduce substantially the consumption of fossil fuels, but at the same time cause aExpand
A mixed-integer programming strategy for liquid helium global supply chain planning
A large-scale, discrete time, path-based integer-programming model is developed which solves optimally with CPLEX, and results implementing a rolling horizon structure and testing based on historical data are presented. Expand
Membranes for helium recovery: An overview on the context, materials and future directions
Abstract Helium demand is expected to double within the next two decades given its essential role as a cryogenic fluid and an inert gas in various technological applications whereas its productionExpand
Reduced Use of Fossil Fuels can Reduce Supply of Critical Resources
Previous research has identified that climate change mitigation policies could increase demand for resources perceived as critical, because these are used in many renewable energy technologies. ThisExpand


The Future of Helium as a Natural Resource
The book reveals the changing dynamics of the helium industry on both the supply-side and the demand-side. The helium industry has a long-term future and this important gas will have a role to playExpand
Ongoing ascent to the helium production plateau—Insights from system dynamics
Recent, pre-downturn, disturbance in the global helium market can be traced to the tight supply-demand position, which characterizes today's changing helium supply structure. A detailed SystemExpand
The Ras Laffan helium purification unit.
The Ras Laffan Helium Project became a reality in May 2003 with the signing of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract for the facilities needed to extract, purify and liquefyExpand
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