Resource contrast in patterned peatlands increases along a climatic gradient.

  title={Resource contrast in patterned peatlands increases along a climatic gradient.},
  author={Maarten B Eppinga and Max Rietkerk and Lisa R. Belyea and Mats B. Nilsson and Peter de Ruiter and Martin J. Wassen},
  volume={91 8},
Spatial patterning of ecosystems can be explained by several mechanisms. One approach to disentangling the influence of these mechanisms is to study a patterned ecosystem along a gradient of environmental conditions. This study focused on hummock-hollow patterning of peatlands. Previous models predicted that patterning in drainage-dominated peatlands is driven by a peat-accumulation mechanism, reflected by higher nutrient availability in hollows relative to hummocks. Alternatively, patterning… CONTINUE READING
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