Resource allocation in offspring provisioning: an evaluation of the conditions favoring the evolution of matrotrophy.

  title={Resource allocation in offspring provisioning: an evaluation of the conditions favoring the evolution of matrotrophy.},
  author={Joel C. Trexler and Donald L. DeAngelis},
  journal={The American naturalist},
  volume={162 5},
We used analytic and simulation models to determine the ecological conditions favoring evolution of a matrotrophic fish from a lecithotrophic ancestor given a complex set of trade-offs. Matrotrophy is the nourishment of viviparous embryos by resources provided between fertilization and parturition, while lecithotrophy describes embryo nourishment provided before fertilization. In fishes and reptiles, embryo nourishment encompasses a continuum from solely lecithotrophic to primarily matrotrophic… CONTINUE READING
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