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Resource-Efficient Neural Architect

  title={Resource-Efficient Neural Architect},
  author={Yanqi Zhou and S. Ebrahimi and Sercan {\"O}. Arik and Haonan Yu and Hairong Liu and Greg Diamos},
  • Yanqi Zhou, S. Ebrahimi, +3 authors Greg Diamos
  • Published 2018
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • Neural Architecture Search (NAS) is a laborious process. Prior work on automated NAS targets mainly on improving accuracy, but lacks consideration of computational resource use. We propose the Resource-Efficient Neural Architect (RENA), an efficient resource-constrained NAS using reinforcement learning with network embedding. RENA uses a policy network to process the network embeddings to generate new configurations. We demonstrate RENA on image recognition and keyword spotting (KWS) problems… CONTINUE READING
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