Resource Discovery: Modelling, Cataloguing and Searching


In seekang inforinatzon resources 011 the Internet exastzng search systems exhabzt uneven selectzvzty[9]. Thzs problem has prompted a number of researchers t o turn thew attentzon to the development and amplementataon of metadata models for use in andexang and searchzng on the W W W and Intemet[8]. The objectzve of our project as to desagn a system to enable users t o access data of a catalog nature stored in heterogeneous dzstnbuted znformatzon systems. These data descrzbe resources avaalable f rom vzrtual lzbrarzes o n the Internet, zn general, and the World Wade Web, an partzcular. We present our versaon of metadata for modellzng document lake resources. We also present our approach to modellzng the experdzse of labrarzans for catalogang, user entry and search usang a rule-based system as also dascussed.

DOI: 10.1109/DEXA.1996.558274

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