Resource Allocation for Two-Way AF Relaying with Receive Channel Knowledge


The resource allocation problem for two sources communicating via an amplify-forward relay is studied from an outage perspective. Analog network coding is considered for half-duplex nodes with perfect receiver-side channel knowledge. Under a sum power constraint, an optimal power allocation that minimizes an approximate outage probability is derived and shown to improve the performance upto 4.77 dB. A cutset bound is also optimized to serve as a comparison reference. When such a power allocation is not feasible, two novel resourceoptimized schemes, which exploit conventional one-way relaying, are proposed to reduce the outage at low multiplexing gains.

DOI: 10.1109/TWC.2012.032812.111476

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@article{Bagheri2012ResourceAF, title={Resource Allocation for Two-Way AF Relaying with Receive Channel Knowledge}, author={Hossein Bagheri and Masoud Ardakani and Chintha Tellambura}, journal={IEEE Trans. Wireless Communications}, year={2012}, volume={11}, pages={2002-2007} }