Resonant manifestations of chiral excitons in Faraday and Kerr effects in a topological insulator film

  title={Resonant manifestations of chiral excitons in Faraday and Kerr effects in a topological insulator film},
  author={Dmitry K. Efimkin and Yurii E. Lozovik},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Manifestation of chiral excitons on surfaces of topological insulator thin film with magnetically induced energy gap in the surface spectrum in magnetooptical Kerr and Faraday effects is analyzes. Excitonic contribution to a surface optical conductivity tensor is calculated. Chiral excitons contrary to conventional ones resonantly contribute to Hall conductivity due to lack of the symmetry between the states with opposite angular momentum. They can lead to considerable enhancement of Faraday… 

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