Resonant frequency function of thickness-shear vibrations of rectangular crystal plates.


The resonant frequencies of thickness-shear vibrations of quartz crystal plates in rectangular and circular shapes are always required in the design and manufacturing of quartz crystal resonators. As the size of quartz crystal resonators shrinks, for rectangular plates we must consider effects of both length and width for the precise calculation of resonant frequency. Starting from the three-dimensional equations of wave propagation in finite crystal plates and the general expression of vibration modes, we obtained the relations between frequency and wavenumbers. By satisfying the major boundary conditions of the dominant thickness-shear mode, three wavenumber solutions are obtained and the frequency equation is constructed. It is shown the resonant frequency of thickness-shear mode is a second-order polynomial of aspect ratios. This conforms to known results in the simplest form and is applicable to further analytical and experimental studies of the frequency equation of quartz crystal resonators.

DOI: 10.1109/TUFFC.2011.1911

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@article{Wang2011ResonantFF, title={Resonant frequency function of thickness-shear vibrations of rectangular crystal plates.}, author={Ji Wang and Lijun Yang and Qiaoqiao Pan and Min-chiang Chao and Jianke Du}, journal={IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control}, year={2011}, volume={58 5}, pages={1102-7} }