Resonant enhancement of charge density wave diffraction in the rare-earth tritellurides

  title={Resonant enhancement of charge density wave diffraction in the rare-earth tritellurides},
  author={W. S. Lee and A. P. Sorini and Ming Yi and Yi-de Chuang and Brian Moritz and W. L. Yang and Jiun Haw Chu and Hsueh-Hui Kuo and A. G. Cruz Gonzalez and Ian R. Fisher and Zahid Hussain and Thomas P. Devereaux and Z. X. Shen},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We performed resonant soft X-ray diffraction on known charge density wave (CDW) compounds, rare earth tri-tellurides. Near the M{sub 5} (3d - 4f) absorption edge of rare earth ions, an intense diffraction peak is detected at a wavevector identical to that of CDW state hosted on Te{sub 2} planes, indicating a CDW-induced modulation on the rare earth ions. Surprisingly, the temperature dependence of the diffraction peak intensity demonstrates an exponential increase at low temperatures, vastly… 

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