Resonant elastic soft x-ray scattering.

  title={Resonant elastic soft x-ray scattering.},
  author={J{\"o}rg Fink and Enrico Schierle and Eugen Weschke and Jochen Geck},
  journal={Reports on progress in physics. Physical Society},
  volume={76 5},
Resonant (elastic) soft x-ray scattering (RSXS) offers a unique element, site and valence specific probe to study spatial modulations of charge, spin and orbital degrees of freedom in solids on the nanoscopic length scale. It is not only used to investigate single-crystalline materials. This method also enables one to examine electronic ordering phenomena in thin films and to zoom into electronic properties emerging at buried interfaces in artificial heterostructures. During the last 20 years… CONTINUE READING
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