Resonant and near-resonant internal wave triads for non-uniform stratifications. Part 2. Vertically bounded domain with mild-slope bathymetry

  title={Resonant and near-resonant internal wave triads for non-uniform stratifications. Part 2. Vertically bounded domain with mild-slope bathymetry},
  author={Saranraj Gururaj and Anirban Guha},
  journal={Journal of Fluid Mechanics},
Abstract Weakly nonlinear internal wave–wave interaction is a key mechanism that cascades energy from large to small scales, leading to ocean turbulence and mixing. Oceans typically have a non-uniform density stratification profile; moreover, submarine topography leads to a spatially varying bathymetry ($h$). Under these conditions and assuming mild-slope bathymetry, we employ multiple-scale analysis to derive the wave amplitude equations for weakly nonlinear wave–wave interactions. The waves… 


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