Resonant Shattering Flares in Black Hole-Neutron Star and Binary Neutron Star Mergers

  title={Resonant Shattering Flares in Black Hole-Neutron Star and Binary Neutron Star Mergers},
  author={Duncan Neill and David Tsang and Hendrik van Eerten and Geoffrey Ryan and William G. Newton},
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Resonant Shattering flares (RSFs) are bursts of gamma-rays expected to be triggered by tidal resonance of a neutron star (NS) during binary inspiral. They are strongly dependent on the magnetic field strength at the surface of the NS. By modelling these flares as being the result of multiple colliding relativistic shells launched during the resonance window, we find that the prompt non-thermal gamma-ray emission may have luminosity up to a few × 1048erg s−1, and that a broad-band afterglow… 

Tidally-induced Magnetar Super Flare at the Eve of Coalescence with Its Compact Companion

In the late inspiral phase of a double neutron star (NS) or NS–black hole system in which one NS is a magnetar, the tidal force on the magnetar arisen from its companion will increase dramatically as

A Robust Test of the Existence of Primordial Black Holes in Galactic Dark Matter Halos

If very low mass primordial black holes (PBH) within the asteroid/moon-mass range indeed reside in galactic dark matter halos, they must necessarily collide with galactic neutron stars (NSs). These

f -mode imprints on gravitational waves from coalescing binaries involving aligned spinning neutron stars

The excitation of f -mode in a neutron star member of coalescing binaries accelerates the merger course, and thereby introduces a phase shift in the gravitational waveform. Emphasising on the tidal

Magnetic Field Evolution in Neutron Star Crusts: Beyond the Hall Effect

Neutron stars host the strongest magnetic fields that we know of in the Universe. Their magnetic fields are the main means of generating their radiation, either magnetospheric or through the crust.



Black Holes, White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars: The Physics of Compact Objects

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