Resonant Raman spectra of diindenoperylene thin films.


Resonant and preresonant Raman spectra obtained on diindenoperylene (DIP) thin films are interpreted with calculations of the deformation of a relaxed excited molecule with density functional theory (DFT). The comparison of excited state geometries based on time-dependent DFT or on a constrained DFT scheme with observed absorption spectra of dissolved DIP reveals that the deformation pattern deduced from constrained DFT is more reliable. Most observed Raman peaks can be assigned to calculated A(g)-symmetric breathing modes of DIP or their combinations. As the position of one of the laser lines used falls into a highly structured absorption band, we have carefully analyzed the Raman excitation profile arising from the frequency dependence of the dielectric tensor. This procedure gives Raman cross sections in good agreement with the observed relative intensities, both in the fully resonant and in the preresonant case.

DOI: 10.1063/1.3514709

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@article{Scholz2011ResonantRS, title={Resonant Raman spectra of diindenoperylene thin films.}, author={Reinhard Scholz and Linus Gissl{\'e}n and B. Schuster and Maria Benedetta Casu and Thomas Chass{\'e} and Ute Heinemeyer and Frank Schreiber}, journal={The Journal of chemical physics}, year={2011}, volume={134 1}, pages={014504} }