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Resonances near spectral thresholds for multichannel discrete Schr\"odinger operators

  title={Resonances near spectral thresholds for multichannel discrete Schr\"odinger operators},
  author={Marouane Assal and O. Bourget and Pablo Miranda and Diomba Sambou},
. We study the distribution of resonances of discrete Hamiltonians of the form H 0 + V , near the thresholds of the spectrum of H 0 . Here, the unperturbed operator H 0 is a multichannel Laplace type operator on (cid:96) 2 ( Z ) ⊗ G where G is an abstract separable Hilbert space, and V is a suitable compact perturbation. We distinguish two cases. If G is of finite dimension, resonances exist and do not accumulate at the thresholds in the spectrum of H 0 . We compute exactly their number and give… 

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