Resolving the Equivalent Mutant Problem in the Presence of Non-determinism and Coincidental Correctness

  title={Resolving the Equivalent Mutant Problem in the Presence of Non-determinism and Coincidental Correctness},
  author={K. Patel and R. Hierons},
  • K. Patel, R. Hierons
  • Published in ICTSS 2016
  • Computer Science
  • In this paper, we develop a new mutation testing technique called Interlocutory Mutation Testing (IMT) that mitigates the equivalent mutant problem in the presence of coincidental correctness and non-determinism. The accuracy of IMT was evaluated; it obtained a classification accuracy of 93.33 % for non-equivalent mutants and 100 % for equivalent mutants in a non-deterministic system with coincidental correctness. 
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