Resolving TYK2 locus genotype-to-phenotype differences in autoimmunity

  title={Resolving TYK2 locus genotype-to-phenotype differences in autoimmunity},
  author={Calliope A. Dendrou and Adrian Cortes and Lydia Shipman and Hayley G. Evans and Kathrine E. Attfield and Luke Jostins and Thomas Barber and Gurman Kaur and Subita Balaram Kuttikkatte and Oliver A. Leach and Christiane Desel and Soren L. Faergeman and Jane Cheeseman and Matt J Neville and Stephen J Sawcer and Alastair D Compston and Adam R. Johnson and Christine M. Everett and John I. Bell and Fredrik Karpe and Mark H. Ultsch and Charles Eigenbrot and Gilean McVean and Lars Fugger},
  journal={Science Translational Medicine},
Thousands of genetic variants have been identified, which contribute to the development of complex diseases, but determining how to elucidate their biological consequences for translation into clinical benefit is challenging. Conflicting evidence regarding the functional impact of genetic variants in the tyrosine kinase 2 (TYK2) gene, which is… CONTINUE READING
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