Resolving Cypriniformes relationships using an anchored enrichment approach

  title={Resolving Cypriniformes relationships using an anchored enrichment approach},
  author={Carla C. Stout and Milton Tan and Alan R Lemmon and Emily Moriarty Lemmon and Jonathan W. Armbruster},
  booktitle={BMC Evolutionary Biology},
Cypriniformes (minnows, carps, loaches, and suckers) is the largest group of freshwater fishes in the world (~4300 described species). Despite much attention, previous attempts to elucidate relationships using molecular and morphological characters have been incongruent. In this study we present the first phylogenomic analysis using anchored hybrid enrichment for 172 taxa to represent the order (plus three out-group taxa), which is the largest dataset for the order to date (219 loci, 315,288 bp… CONTINUE READING
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