Resolution to DM Technology for Coal Mine Safety Data


Coal mine safety management is one of the most important basic job, and related with almost all coal production systems. It analyzed characteristics of coal mine data which not only show data volume large, information sources excessively, but also is dynamic, random and fuzzy. It stressed that application of data mining technology to coal mine safety is an important way to improve mine safety work insight and understanding capacity. On the bais is it gave an overview of general model of DM. Then it put forward coal mine safety Data Mining system prototype structure and determined theme domain of coal mine safety data accordingly. It designed data mining methods according to different characteristics of coal mine safety management and had developed an early warning system software by means of data mining technology for coal mine safety. Finally it described key technologies and processes of coal mine safety data mining.

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@article{Lu2009ResolutionTD, title={Resolution to DM Technology for Coal Mine Safety Data}, author={Gang Lu and Yu-bo Sun and Jiao Hai and Keqi Han}, journal={2009 International Conference on Information Management, Innovation Management and Industrial Engineering}, year={2009}, volume={1}, pages={30-33} }