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Resolution Studies on Silicon Strip Sensors with fine Pitch

  title={Resolution Studies on Silicon Strip Sensors with fine Pitch},
  author={Stephan Haensel and Thomas Bergauer and Zdenek Dolezal and Marko Dragicevic and Z. Drasal and Markus Friedl and Josef Hrubec and Christian Irmler and Wolfgang Kiesenhofer and Manfred Krammer and Peter Kvasni{\vc}ka},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Detectors},
In June 2008 single-sided silicon strip sensors with 50 $\mu$m readout pitch were tested in a highly energetic pion beam at the SPS at CERN. The purpose of the test was to evaluate characteristic detector properties by varying the strip width and the number of intermediate strips. The experimental setup and first results for the spatial resolution are discussed. 
Silicon Detectors for the Large Prototype TPC test setup at DESY
, T. Barvich , F. Hartmann , Th. Muller1 - Institute of High Energy Physics of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (HEPHY)Nikolsdorfergasse 18, 1050 Vienna - Austria2 - Institut fur Experimentelle