Resistance to sex work stigma

  title={Resistance to sex work stigma},
  author={Ronald Weitzer},
  pages={717 - 729}
Stigma is ubiquitous in sex work and is well documented in studies of sex workers. But rarely have scholars examined the vital question of whether, and if so how, stigma can be reduced or eliminated from any type of sex work (commercial stripping, pornography, prostitution, etc.). After a brief review of the issues related to stigma, this Commentary proposes a set of preconditions for the reduction and, ultimately, elimination of stigma from sex work. 
Stigma, decriminalisation, and violence against street-based sex workers: Changing the narrative
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Prostitution Stigma and Its Effect on the Working Conditions, Personal Lives, and Health of Sex Workers
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When the law is silent: stigma and challenges faced by male sex workers in Japan
  • Mana Takahashi
  • International Journal of Law in Context
  • 2021
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Challenging Stigma: Identity Talk among Male Sex Workers in a Recovery Program
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The Role of Social Stigma in the Lives of Female-Identified Sex Workers: A Scoping Review
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Managing the toll of sex work with bounded agency: Perspectives of ex-sex workers
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Women's experiences buying sex in Australia – Egalitarian powermoves
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Returning to sexual stigma: post-trafficking lives.
This article addresses the gap in focusing on lives post-trafficking and contributes to the limited research on trafficking in Nepal and explores modalities of sexualized stigma encountered on return from trafficking situations. Expand


Sex Work Stigma: Opportunist Migrants in London
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What's Wrong with Prostitution? Evaluating Sex Work
  • C. Overall
  • Sociology
  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1992
T HI S ARTICLE originated from the recognition of two problems concerning the nature, meaning, value, and circumstances of prostitution within capitalist patriarchy. The first of these problems isExpand
Sex worker collective organization
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Stigma; Notes On The Management Of Spoiled Identity
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