Resistance of Legionella to disinfection in hot water distribution systems.

  title={Resistance of Legionella to disinfection in hot water distribution systems.},
  author={S. Saby and Alfonso Vidal and Herv{\'e} Suty},
  journal={Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research},
  volume={52 8},
The efficiency of various disinfection treatments against Legionella was tested on a hot water distribution system (HWDS) pilot unit. The results demonstrated clearly that most Legionella in the networks were fixed in the biofilm at the surface of the pipe (more than 98% for each loop). Chemical treatments (continuous chlorination, hyperchlorination, hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid mixing) commonly used for the eradication of Legionella in hot water distribution networks appeared to be… CONTINUE READING

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