Resistance of ‘Dayecaoying' to major root-knot nematodes

  title={Resistance of ‘Dayecaoying' to major root-knot nematodes},
  author={Shao Shan-sha},
In order to find out an excellent root-stock of sweet cherry resisting to major root-knot nematodes, ‘Dayecaoying'pot-grown seedlings were inoculated with four major root-knot nematodes including Meloidogyne hapla, M.arenaria,M.incognita and M.javanica.The result showed that in 35 days after inoculation,the number of ‘Dayecaoying'seedlings without root-knots which were inoculated with M.hapla(60),M.arenaria(59),M.incognita(58)and M.javanica(60)were 1,7,2and 8on level 0and 59,52,59and 52on level… CONTINUE READING