Resistance in Red Raspberry to Amphorophora agathonica Hottes and Aphis rubicola Oestlund1

  title={Resistance in Red Raspberry to Amphorophora agathonica Hottes and Aphis rubicola Oestlund1},
  author={G. C. Kennedy and George A. Schaefers and Donald K. Ourecky},
Twenty-two cultivars and three selections of red raspberry were evaluated for resistance to the aphids Amphorophora agathonica and Aphis rubicola in New York. ‘Canby’, ‘Lloyd George’ and ‘NY 632’ were immune to A. agathonica; ‘Washington’ and ‘Mailing Exploit’ demonstrated potentially useful levels of resistance. No immunity to Aphis rubicola was observed, but several cultivars manifest considerable resistance. Resistance to A. agathonica was not correlated with resistance to A. rubicola. 
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